Dealing with feedback on your editing:

Dealing with editing feedback are a few things we have a tendency to all struggle with. It may be hard and displeasing to receive a critique that points out the issues along with your work, in spite of however nicely worded that critique is, as a result of you’ve over seemingly poured tons of yourself into it, and spent weeks, months or perhaps years on the project. We won’t lie, after we were checking out an agent, typically the feedback had Maine tearful, even though the agents were pretty concerning it, as a result of I’d spent a protracted time sprucing that manuscript, and to understand that it wasn’t there nevertheless hurt!

But here’s the thing: exertions and time invested within one thing don’t mean it works because it is. It’s unfair, however with editing, it’s true. Thankfully, there is some stuff you will do once you receive feedback that’ll build it easier to subsume, which can assist you improve each your work and your editing career.

Keep a listing and check for common threads:

Keeping a listing of feedback is especially useful if you’re obtaining feedback from multiple individuals. Put in editing all the items individuals are language concerning your work, unionized by class. Therefore you may have:

  • General
  • World-building
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Subplots
  • Editing vogue

We additionally notice it helpful to color code feedback – if one thing is cropping up once more and again amongst totally different individuals, then it’s clearly a difficulty and you’ll mark it in red. If only 1 person contains a criticism concerning one thing, it would not be an enormous downside, and you’ll mark it in an exceedingly cooler color like blue or inexperienced, and judge what to try and do with it later. Having a listing additionally means you’ll tick things off as resolved whereas you’re performing on revisions.

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