Decorating tips for anyone on a budget

Customize a coffee table

With a little paint and a little imagination, you can make a tired coffee table look new. Consider painting the edge of a simple black piece in gold, for example.

Turn plates into wall art

If you never use porcelain plates at your wedding or love the look of an inexpensive set you branded at H&M, plates can be a very chic wall decoration. Hang a few in a cluster on a blank wall for an instant update.

Make DIY burlap decorations

With some jute rope and a glue gun, you can turn a vase or plate into a rustic creation worthy of a coastal beach house.

Painting the kitchen cabinets

Similar to painting an accent wall, painting kitchen cabinets will quickly give a fresh feel to one of the most used rooms in your home. Pick a color and get a brush.

Rearrange the furniture

This no-cost decorating idea requires just a little time, creativity, and strong muscles. Pick a room and make it feel brand new by arranging the furniture in a new arrangement.

Infuse your bookcase with personality

Wallpaper is not for walls. Use a small amount of wallpaper (you can find stylish, removable wallpaper from brands like Chasing Paper) to decorate the interior of a bookcase.

Refresh your pillows thow

If you already have pillows, replacing the covers is a simple and inexpensive process. We love the selection of pillow covers from brands like Zara, H&M and budget .

Swap your bathroom mirror

Nothing beautifies a bathroom that ages faster than a new mirror to hang over the sink or sink. You can find many new affordable options or look for a nice vintage piece at a low price.

Try an  Hack

The internet offers seemingly limitless ways to upgrade affordable  furniture and decor to pieces that seem far more expensive than they actually are. Get inspired by the  hacks of some real DIYers.

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