Brown salons that prove it’s a lovely shade

Brown salons that prove it’s a lovely shade

Whether you are going to the paint shop and want to consider excellent brown paint, or you want to accessorize your living space with touches of brown, this is a color that is too often overlooked. While not quite as trendy as its navy or white counterparts, brown is an incredibly versatile color that creates a feeling of calm and coziness in any living room.

Decorate with brown

One of the most common ways to add brown to your living space is to use a gorgeous brown leather sofa. Brown leather furniture adds a touch of elegance without feeling stuffy or forced. Mix neutral colors like a woven jute and wicker rug for a simple yet inviting color scheme.

Put color versatility to work.

Decorating with different shades of brown, like in this interior_by_nina space, adds visual interest and infinite depth to your room. But mixing a brush of deep espresso brown or mahogany can also add a feeling of richness to your space—additionally, brown pairs well with almost any other color on the spectrum.

Lighter shades of brown

When you think brown, you probably think intense espresso and chocolate hues, but this fireplace is just as warm and welcoming with a lighter shade of tan-infused brown. A warm, creamy tan is an excellent choice for rooms without an abundance of natural light. It’s a beautiful neutral that always feels soothing and peaceful Brown salons.

Decorate with wood

In many cases, brown can look rustic and earthy, especially when using deep woods and red brick. We love this living room that features vintage wood and reddish-brown brick elements. It’s ample space, giving you more room to experiment with deeper shades and textures without being dark or unattractive. The accompanying white walls keep the space light and airy.